Give me wonky topics, and I’ll find stories and characters. I’m interested in public policy, urban design, and international affairs.


I worked as a research assistant for Breasts Unbound, which recently received a Gracie Award. I fact-checked 100:1 The Crack Legacy.









TheBurg magazine | Award-winning magazine covering Harrisburg, Pa

» Magazine: The tough road ahead and behind for Howard Henry 

» Going Green: Capital Region Water unveils a green solution for city’s storm water problem

» What you need to know about city’s plans to repave 3rd Street

» She’s In: Former City Council President Gloria Martin Roberts Announced Bid for Harrisburg Mayor


National Public Radio 

» Photos: Your bedroom says a lot about you


Wharton magazine | Alumni journal for the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School

» Inside the Penn Wharton Budget Model 


Medley magazine | Culture and diversity magazine 

» No place like a (fully accessible) home (PDF, published Dec. 2015)

» Practice what you preach (PDF, published Dec. 2015)

» Medley magazine, Spring 2015 issue, Danielle Roth as Editor in Chief 

» Medley magazine, Fall 2015 issue, Danielle Roth as Managing Editor

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-7-56-38-pm / Syracuse Media Group | Newspaper covering Syracuse, NY

» Don’t stop: Skier, 84 and nearly blind, awaits his 80th season on the slopes


screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-8-05-51-pm / Syracuse Media Group | News website covering upstate New York 

» Snowkiting: What it is, why people love it, where to learn in Upstate NY

» Locals list: Binghamton’s top attractions, places to go, things to do

» Day hiking in Upstate NY: 9 challenging hikes to enjoy the outdoors

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